Pendalhaven is a small Web Development company that blends an artistic eye with technical finesse.

Pendalhaven’s mission is to provide quality web sites by understanding the needs and requirements of their clientele by extensive interviewing and investigation into their (client’s) goals and expectations. Pendalhaven primarily caters to music and artist clientele, though all projects receive the same focus and dedication regardless of subject nature. Pendalhaven, and this website, are Works-In-Progress. As our technical and artistic knowledge grow, these pages will become showpieces to demonstrate our design and programming abilities, though by no means do they show the sum total of what we’re capable of creating. If you have a specific request, feel free to contact us to inquire as to whether we feel we can achieve it for you. As our Home page says, “The outside may be sleek and subtle, but under the hood it’s all business!” So, if you’re looking for a web site, come see what our creative Hemi can do for you.