Unless specifically negotiated, the following terms and conditions hold for all contracts with Pendalhaven Web Designs

Pendalhaven Web Designs will not be party to the creation; promotion; or distribution of pornography. This term is not negotiable under any circumstance.
Pendalhaven Web Designs retains the copyrights to all coding; text; and graphics created by Pendalhaven and implemented in the construction of client web sites.
Pendalhaven Web Designs requires proof of copyright or permission to use graphics supplied by clients for use in web site creation.
Graphics and images created by Pendalhaven Web Designs are not subject to reproduction; download; or reuse by anyone without written permission from Pendalhaven Web Designs.
Pendalhaven Web Designs is not responsible for hosting or registering any domains for the clients. It is incumbent upon the client to arrange hosting.
Pendalhaven Web Designs does not accept liability for the views or statements made by their clients in any web sites created.
Exceeding the limit of five (5) iterations in the creation of the proposal document will incur an additional consultation fee.
These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the management of Pendalhaven Web Designs at any time.