Pendalhaven is dedicated to providing quality web sites to you, their clients
Here at Pendalhaven Web Designs have a customer oriented process that we follow. Our focus on your goals and our professionalism govern how we deal with all of our clientele. While it may seem to be a long process, we believe that it helps us porvide the best service and products to you, our customers. Here at Pendalhaven, we work with the client by meeting and listening to you describe their ideas and goals. We take that information and prepare a written proposal, containing our understanding of what you’re expecting out of your web site. We do this to help promote a concensus between you’re and our understanding and expectations of what the web site will entail.
In the course several meetings you, we will work to define all the details that describe our mutual agreement of what the web site will be like which will go into the proposal. Durring this period, we do some preliminary research to be able to suggest features and design elements that will help you reach your goals. At PWD, we strive to provide you with the best design and technical advice, to help you come up with a concept and look that is not only technically possible, but also presents your purpose in the most elegant way we can. The propasal will be finalized over a series of reviews by you and us together until it describes. The document is recognized as finalized when it is signed by both you and us. Finalization normaly takes between three and five iterations, includes a schedule, and a list of what services or products will be supplied by PWD and which are to be supplied or arranged by you.
This proposal document, when finalized, serves as our specification to which we create your web site. It will guide how we craft the site, how it will look when done. It will also constitute the formal agreement, or contract, for creating the web site. After this point, it will only be changed if you and us mutually agree to change it. You can find our “Terms and Conditions” through the link below. Once we have a finalized document and an initial deposit, we will begin coding up your site, it's just that simple.
Terms and Conditions