Pendalhaven (the name) came from a dream about a Wizard, living in an isolated forest that bordered against an old Kingdom. Years ago, the Wizard helped to protect the Kingdom from invasion and was able to work out an arrangement with the reigning monarch where he was granted free domain in the forest, with absolutely no interference from the Kingdom in any way, as long as he continued to protect that border from further attack.
Over the course of many years to follow, the Wizard held his end of the bargain, as indeed, the forest was his home and by protecting it, he was living up to the terms of the deal. Through his magical studies, he came to understand the animals of the forest, their hearts, their fears, their very lives. As he became attached to the forest, it's denizens became attuned to him, and to trust him implicitly.
Skip ahead several generations of men, (being a Wizard has many benefits, including loooooooooooong life) and the animals started coming to the Wizard, asking that he look after their young for a bit. With each request, the Wizard agreed, as it was no chore, they tended themselves mostly. Eventually, the last two adult deer in the forest came to him with the same request. With this requet he realized that he and the trees were the only adults in the whole forest, aside from these deer.
“Why have all the adults left the forest, and left their younglings with me?” He asked these deer.
“The men of the Kingdom have taken to hunting us, they enter your forest, capture us, and remove us to finish the deed. We all agreed that if you were watching the younglings, and they were able to grow up safe, we could allow ourselves to be taken.”
This angered the Wizard, as he had come to hold all the denizens of the forest as Pendal, (a concept in his native tongue to mean “Kith and Kin closest to your heart”) and this forest as their haven. Pendalhaven Forest was hence born.
There is much, much more to this story, though it does not belong here. If we’re all lucky, it’ll actually be completed and published someday soon.