Pendalhaven at once, both literary and corporate.
Pendalhaven’s name was conceived during a dream had by it's founder. This dream spawned a short story which, unfortunately, was claimed by the “Bit-Bucket Monster” before it was ready for publication. A brief synopsis is available on the Origin Story page (linked under this column). This portal was built with several references to that story in mind, and it has help shape the character and persona that this portal has developed. Considering that writing stories and creating web content are both considered “Authoring”, it seemed only natural to incorporate the name of Pendalhaven into my business. As a Software Engineer by training, a Test Engineer by practice, and a Writer by choice, Pendalhaven’s founder can ensure that the web sites we create are at the same time technically sound and artistically oriented. This blend of skills and interests is one of the primary reasons that Pendalhaven stands out against other web developers. Rather than needing to outsource the more technical aspect of web development (Database interfacing, custom script programming) we can provide those services in-house, reducing the cost to our clients. Our Building Web Sites page (link below) talks a little more about this aspect of PWD.
Pendalhaven's Origins Building Web Sites